5PCS Black Hair Dye Shampoo

$12.99 USD

This shampoo crafted from natural ingredients, to repair damaged - service Black Hair Dye Shampoo, the active ingredients are extracted from plants. In the hair into black at the same time, can replenish the nutrition hair needs. Repair damaged hair.

Back to younger, black hair, not scalp - just 5 minutes, Black Hair Dye Shampoo regains your youthful self-confidence. The natural reaction of natural herbs causes discolored hair to become dark and thick. Lasts 30 days until the hair grows.

Just like regular hair care. Immediately Hair Care Shampoo is more convenient and safe than traditional dyes. You can do this at home using our black hair shampoo. More time and cost savings.

Item Specifications:

  • Net weight:  25ml
  • Item Type:  Shampoo
  • Hair Type Damaged Hair
  • Ingredient hair shampoo
  • Hair accessories hair tools

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