GREEN TEA Facial Blackhead Remover Face Cream

$13.99 USD

Replenish your skin by using 2-4 times weekly and our vegan scrub will help re-balance your complexion. The Blackhead Remover Face Cream is organic, non-GMO, and free of chemicals and fragrances, is your powerful, natural skincare ally.

Long-lasting & deep skin hydration is common with our rich, hydrating ingredients. Our face and body scrub are perfect for removing dirt and impurities and is a must-have for those combating acne, blemishes, and looking to reduce pores. Reduces oil secretion, brightens skin tone and tightens skin. Leaves your skin perfectly hydrated, smooth, and healthy.

The GREEN TEA Facial Blackhead Remover Face Cream is a non-greasy, ultra-efficient brightening facial scrub for active women wishing to look their best. Regain your confidence & look radiant with our unique proprietary formula to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Item Specifications: 

  • Net weight:  40g
  • Type:  mask peeling
  • Formulation Cream
  • Ingredient Green Tea
  • Feature Moisturizer,  Acne Treatment, whitening 







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