Jade Roller and Gua Sha Board Box Sets

$32.99 USD

Release toxins, pain, and stiffness from your face when the Emerald Jade Gua Sha Scraping Board is pressed and rubbed firmly around your contours and acupressure points. Pairs beautifully with the Emerald Gua Sha Jade Roller for the ultimate relaxing skincare treatment.

Anti-aging benefits

1. Relieves facial tension
2. Tightens skin elasticity and provides skin toning
3. Prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
4. Reduces puffiness, eye bags and dark circles around the eyes
5. Penetrates beauty products like facial creams and serums for better absorption
6. Promotes blood circulation to the face for a natural healthy glow

How to use

1. Wash face with normal cleaning products.
2. Apply any night creams to your face and neck.
3. Gently take the jade roller, use upward movements to move it around cheeks, lip area and neck. Close your eyes and roll gently over your eyelids if you have puffy eyes or bags under your eyes.
4. Use the roller for 5 to 10 minutes on your face and neck.
5. Use the jade roller three times a week to reduce lines and wrinkles.
6. Clean your Jade roller according to the instructions.

Special tips:

1. Each color, jade pattern, the thickness is not the same, it is normal. This item has been carved as it is crafted with natural stone.
2. As you know, the jade face roller is fragile, easy to be in transit damage, though we pack very carefully. If you get a broken roll massage, please contact us for a new one

The mineral composition of jade gives it properties that allow it to remain cold on contact. This cooling effect helps to close the pores, tighten the skin and increase lymphatic drainage. 

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