10pcs Hair Curler Styling Rollers

$12.99 USD

Brainbow brand hair curlers and rollers. 10 pieces per bag! Made of polyester and foam these are easy to use to curl your hair! Color choices are a stylish rose or black.

The 10pcs Hair Curler Styling Rollers is super light and soft special for sleeping. The nice curly loose or body hair wave you like will appear after you wake up. Beauty and comfortable who say can only choose one? No need worried about chemicals or water touches your pillow. No need to sleep with wet hair. Sleep at rest and beauty at the best time starting of the day -morning.

The 10pcs Hair Curler Styling Rollers ensures different beauty way of hair curly Wave--for longer hair can 2 rollers use together as 1 hair roller. Most of the people 1 roll make one hair wave just like our use way picture. Some long hair use for down half part more prominent pretty temperament. Different directions of starting roll hair in or out make different anti warped hair curly waves. The different operation makes out different beauty hair wave refer to YouTube Create beauty belong to you. Maybe you are the best beauty with our hair rollers.

Item Specifications: 

  • Item Type: curlers
  • Size: 4 cm * 20.3 cm
  • Color: Rose, Black
  • Package Qty: 10pcs Hair Curlers Rollers
  • Materials: Aluminum Wire, Sponge, Polyester

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