Flower Floral Scented Bath Rose Soap

$29.99 USD

Plant essential oils balance the body and mind with an ideal role for emotional, physical, and mental health. Rich bactericidal substances, completely dissolve fast, rich foam, delicate texture, no fiber, effectively clean the bacteria's hands. 

Look just like roses, smell like roses, but without the thorns, the withering, or the pollen! Bath Rose Flower Floral Scented Soap is an excellent alternative to real flowers for gift recipients with allergies. They are long-lasting and make a great decorative accent. Plant superintendent fragrant scent of essential oils to balance body and mind. It will benefit both emotional, mental, and physical health. The Floral Scented Soap will be a more romantic and enjoyable atmosphere to the bath.

The Floral Scented Soap comes in a lovely gift box adorned with a decorative ribbon. Rose shaped soap means beauty and love making this set a thoughtful and meaningful gift to your lover, mother, or friends for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and other occasions.

The materials are all food-grade, safe, non-irritant, and non-toxic. Rich bactericidal ingredients, dissolve completely, rapid, rich foam, delicate texture, and no fiber, effectively clean the hands of bacteria.

Item Specifications:

  • Net weight:  50%
  • Item Type:  Soap
  • Quantity :  50PCS / Lot
  • Soap type:  handmade soap
  • Ingredient Paper Fancy Soap, Flavor

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