Ultrasonic and Infrared Curling Hair Iron

$75.99 USD

The infrared panel of this Ultrasonic and Infrared Curling Hair Iron protects hair horny layer, avoid moisture loss of hair. Hair straightening and curling dual-use, help you create the exquisite hairstyle.

This Ultrasonic and Infrared Curling Hair Iron serves easy and clear direction of use through the LCD display, you can observe setting time and intensity of ultrasonic and infrared clearly. Ultrasonic hair care time is adjustable, maximum 18 seconds, and a minimum of 2 seconds, can be adjusted as need.

Rotatable power line, prevent wire winding so that you can use it conveniently. Adopts cold wave technology, straighten hair efficiently and care for hair.


  • Infrared lights and ultrasonic electrolysis plate, plate size: 90x24mm.
  • Temperature range: about 40 ~ 80 OC.
  • Haircare with cold therapeutics.
  • Recovers damaged hair directly.
  • Restores hair fiber and elasticity
  • When 8 LED lights flash, iron is in standby mode.
  • When 14 LED lights shine, iron is in working condition.
  • (Without LCD display)Sleep and safe mode function: ultrasonic automatically shuts off when 2 plates are closed for 10 seconds.

(LCD display) % LCD display timing function 'i, adjustable timer: 2s-18s.

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